Real Estate Industry is Benefiting From Data Analytics

Real estate Business analytics is a set of automated data analysis practices, visualizations and data storytelling dashboards that help you understand both what is happening in your short-term and long-term business operations.

Before government housing department officials and construction companies’ executives can improve on decision-making and help plan for the future, they need structured data analyzed and visualized in (KPI) formats including geo-spatial maps and area view.

Real estate developers are benefiting from data analytics and machine learning to make profitable decisions and minimize risks. Pivot BI Analytics advanced technology helps realtors to improve operations, boost revenues, upgrade customer support and optimize meeting campaigns.

Real estate markets are quite volatile and constantly changing due to economic policies by governments. Thus, developers and investors need to use data analytics to make wise investment decisions and increase return on investment. If you a real estate developer or manage a construction company, our cloud data lake and advanced analytics tools can help decide when and where to invest along with the value of properties by considering metrics such as market cycle risks, market analytics pricing and demand forecasts.

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