We at Pivot BI Analytics help SME’s and large organizations predict customer insights and analytics using proven data management tools. In this hyper-competitive global marketplace, SME’s must do more with less resources than their larger counterparts. Concerning large corporations, it’s almost more imperative that banks and grocery retailers use business intelligence and data analytics to streamline services and product range, use customer analytics to increase frontline workers productivity.

People are afraid of change and so are SME management teams who see the concept of big data and analytics as somewhat overwhelming. One of the first things SME’s and large corporations experimenting with data analytics should do is invest in business intelligence solutions capable of automating data analytics with simple dashboards created with trusted data.

By harnessing the power of data analytics and visualization charts , companies can immediately get a handle on what metrics provide valuable customer insights which is crucial, calculate trends with minimal time commitment from their already busy schedules, and then share that structured data in a consistent data lake for ongoing A/B Testing and experimentation.

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