Transforming Healthcare Data into Visual Analytics is the Future.

Reliance on manual reporting systems in hospitals and other healthcare organizations —such as spreadsheets, slide decks, and pivot tables— in  the past made preparing reports time-consuming and created  environment of inaccurate Information flow to serve the needs of patients.

Accelerating data-driven healthcare decision making 

We help healthcare departments move towards self-service analytics in key areas making teams to concentrate on in-depth analytical work and statistical analysis.  We have developed  Health-BI-Analytics system targeting hospital department team leaders  such as directors,  divisional heads, managers, and other staff to answer data questions themselves like, ‘how many heart patients did we see last year?’, or ‘how many patents are delivered to Accident and Emergency by ambulance, versus walk-in cases?’ By answering questions like these more quickly and accurately based on  interactive visualizations, our data-driven culture approach help  increase patient flow, improve outcomes, and ensure every touch-point with the patient and their family is executed flawlessly.

While data analysis is nothing new in healthcare, the game is quickly changing. Pivot BI Analytics’s Health-BI-Analytics system helps hospitals and other healthcare organizations build. on our data-driven culture in a sophisticated interplay between resource management, data management,  IT and finance operations that ensures close analysis of healthcare organizations accuracy and speed of decision making that saves lives.


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