As digital technologies continue to transform the marketplace, companies across the globe are collecting an enormous amount of data. Unfortunately, many of these same businesses lack the talent and structure to turn big data into a competitive advantage.

Pivot BI Analytics help corporations focus on improving analytics capabilities and organizational efficiency, using the best analytical data management tools to explore consumer datafrom different areas to gain new insights.

How’s it going with figuring out how you’re going to use “big data” to get more return on your campaigns? Or understand which customers to target for upsells or new products? Or increase overall usability of your mobile and web channels?

If you’re like a lot of those who we at Pivot BI Analytics speak to, you’re not quite sure what “big data” really is, let alone how it’s going to be harnessed and used for galvanizing your marketing programs. You’re certainly not alone and that is why you have come to the right place.

Our approach is to break up big data into manageable data sets. Think of all of the marketing data that potentially comprises a big data marketing analytics set. Without breaking a sweat, I can think of nearly 50 sets but let’s share few variables and dimensions on this topic:
  • Visitor and visit behavioral data from fixed and mobile web
  • Demographic and behavioral data from social media
  • Visitor acquisition from partners, ads, search, social media
  • Broadcast media view rates
  • Response activity from emails and postal mail
  • Voice of customer and survey data collected both online and offline
  • Call center activity
  • Offline activity, such as leads, sales, event interactions
  • Customer lifecycle data, such as purchase or conversion history, revenue history

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