Welcome to Pivot BI Analytics – your go-to data analytics firm for outstanding visualization dashboards and data-driven insights!

At Pivot BI Analytics, we are passionate about helping senior management teams make well-informed decisions based on accurate, real-time data. Our reputation for excellence and capacity to deliver the best visualization dashboards in the industry has made us a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes.

If you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your company’s data, you’re missing out on the best tool for data visualization. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technological tools to build new interactive dashboards that allow you to monetize your company’s data and gain a competitive advantage.

We understand that to stay ahead of the competition, executives must have access to actionable data that allows them to identify new opportunities, streamline operations, increase sales, support company growth and make data-driven decisions. That’s why we create customized visualization dashboards that provide a single, real-time, fact-based version of the truth. With access to these dashboards, you’ll have a clear view of what is selling and what is not, where sales are happening and where they are not, and why, along with information about who or what is responsible.

For small companies, spreadsheets can be sufficient to get the job done. However, for growing companies, spreadsheets alone are inadequate for making data-driven decisions. Spreadsheets do allow you to analyze specific metrics, but they are limited in terms of data discovery. Pivot tables or manually generating views of additional dimensions and measures is burdensome, time-consuming, and often results in inadequate analysis.

At Pivot BI Analytics, we make it easy for you to access all your unstructured data from various departments such as customer records, marketing, supply chain, and finance. We then gather all this data together and present it to you in an easy-to-understand visualization dashboard. You’ll be able to identify trends, monitor KPI performance, and gain insights that can help your business grow.

Don’t settle for inadequate analysis or unreliable data. Contact us today and send your database file for us to develop a free sample visualization dashboard. We look forward to helping you gain a competitive edge and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward… Contact us more information 

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